Karadi Tales

Karadi Tales are a collection of short stories that help little kids to learn faster. Sometimes learning can be a bit complicated for little kids and Karadi tales makes learning fun for them. When you purchase these stories for your children, you will understand their value in teaching children. This is a book with stories and colourful pictures

The stories are available in the form of audio books as well. The audio CD has a voice reading of the stories. This will actually help your child in developing the habit of reading and pronouncing new words.

There are a lot of advantages that you will get by introducing your child to Karadi Tales

• Once you introduce your child to these stories, your child will surely start reading faster than any other child of the same age group. Since your child will get into the habit of reading aloud with the audio track, he or she will develop clear speech recognition and pronunciation skills from a very young age.

• Since these tales forces Kids to listen carefully, they end up learning things a lot faster than by simply observing things around them

So how exactly do these tales help our children to learn better?

Initially our children use phonetics to learn the pronunciation of a particular word and then they use the word as a picture and can pronounce the word as a whole. In these tales of Karadi a series of words are placed side by side and the kids get them to pronounce them together serially. So this way these Tales teach kids how to pronounce be making them to repeatedly listen and read the same passages in the book.

The stories in Karadi are designed in such a way that most of the sentences have phonetics and easy words that children can pronounce very easily. The audio track will in fact assist the child to learn how to pronounce the words without any difficulties.

The audio track on the CD is recorded by such a person who has a crystal clear accent and so it will be easy for children to understand what he or she is saying. To pronounce a word right the child requires to hear it right.

Sometimes listening to an audio track can be boring so to light up the things a little bit, there is a very lively background music that grips the attention of the children for a longer period of time. It is observed that children learn a lot faster by looking and hearing rather than reading pages and pages of stories. In fact many schools are now using the concept of Karadi tales in their curriculum to help children learn faster.

Karadi tales also include traditional stories like the story of Rama, Buddha and funny stories from Panchatantra. These will actually help children to learn about our country’s rich history in a fun way. The stories of Karadi help children to enjoy learning without the fear of being scolded in case they make mistakes; in fact it gives them a lot of self-confidence. This is the best medium for children to learn these days.

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